FANTASIA was founded in 1987 and is one of the leading importers of cut greens and flowers in Germany.Since that date we achieved a continuous growth in turnover which is a proof of our clientele's satisfaction and the good cooperation with our suppliers. 

FANTASIA is located near Frankfurt Main airport. Within 3 minutes by truck the goods are in our warehouse to be stored in one of our five coolhouses. For any  goods arriving out of normal temperature range, we have a special pre-cooling system to avoid any damages caused by temperature deviations. With eight salesmen, we're selling most of the goods before they arrive and distribute them overnight to our clientele in Germany and Europe. As a matter of fact this way of marketing needs a great confidence in our supplies. 

Our customers know that they can expect high quality flowers and greens at the maximum stage of freshness. Our close cooperation with our worldwide suppliers guarantee a permanently high standard of our products and services.We pass the information we receive immediately to our partners to give them the opportunity to react as fast as possible. 

In this "fastest market of the world" success is depending on fast reaction to the demands, and high flexibility is a must. A long-term relationship with our clients and suppliers and the growth and success of all parts is our business objective. As an active member of the BGI (the German association of Flower-importers and -wholesalers)
FANTASIA supports the FLOWER-LABEL-PROGRAM Therefore, the production of our imports has to respect the guidelines of this program.